Family therapy is our largest and most broad service.  YSB’s family therapy program is open to residents of Rock Island County with a child under the age of 18.  We specialize in working with families that have children or teens with behavior difficulties; and in helping parents and children develop nurturing, satisfying relationships.  The goal of the program is to assist families in meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of all family members.

Some attributes of the program include:

Our most recent addition to the program involves working with cultural orientation and counseling to African refugees and families from Mexico.  This has created an opportunity to extend our reach in new ways, to offer support and services beyond the traditional walls of an office.

Cost:  YSB has a sliding fee scale and accepts health insurance.  We have providers for United Healthcare, BCBS, Health Alliance as well as others.  Additionally, Medicaid is accepted for those clients who are under the Meridian Health Plan.  Grants are available for clients who meet income and eligibility requirements.

Co-payment/Counseling Fee

Referrals:  Anyone can make a referral; including parents, school personnel, police officers, and youths themselves

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The Peer Justice Program provides services to youth ages 13-17 who have had police contact for a status or misdemeanor offense or an ordinance violation. 

This program includes:

Cost:  There is a $150.00 processing fee for Peer Justice services.

Peer Justice Processing Fee

Referrals:  Police officers or court services

The Peer Justice program also makes significant use of teenage volunteers who serve as jurors and courtroom personnel.